About Us

NOSAJ AUTHENTICS  brand was founded in 2008 on the art & lifestyle ideals of artist and founder, Jason Ford. What started as a class assignment while studying art at East Carolina University has since evolved into a lifestyle brand that features limited edition hand-painted art & apparel and creatively engages with the community through art-related programs and events. The combination of Ford’s entrepreneurial spirit, do-it-yourself mentality and keen artistic ability characterizes his fuel to drive Nosaj Authentics Brand.

Nosaj Authentics is an extension of Ford's range of artwork. The brand first hit the scene by creating wearable art pieces that depicted hand-painted images of recognizable pop culture and historical icons. The one of a kind t-shirts quickly garnered a popular following and has allowed Nosaj Authentics to evolve as a company, using apparel as an additional platform to relay the ideals and messages of the brand.  

Rooted in a lifestyle driven by art, pop culture and hip hop, Nosaj Authentics goes beyond a trend and is thoroughly immersed in an art lifestyle culture. The company's focus is to inspire thought and push artistic limits thru the motivational messages, paintings and graphics that are infused in their artwork, apparel and creative services.